I’m a mom of two, a wife of one, and a home based business owner myself. I’m an online course creator, a spiritual teacher, a network marketer and an energy healer.




Little inside facts about me:

* I love to read, listen to music, dancing, watching the stars at night and walks in the nature. I love learning new things.

* I have two beautiful kids, and a very understanding husband.

* I dream about a summer house at the beach, “in the middle of the woods”. And that all things I do, will spread the love and light to everyone.

* I’m an empath. I realized this about a year ago. My greatest lesson in life is that not everyone wants to be helped, even tough they are in a place, where they see no exit. That hurts me. Literally.

* I use the Law of Attraction in my work. I love the teachings of Abraham Hicks and Diana Cooper. I teach spiritual laws to everyone who is open to learn and take action.

* I’m very sarcastic…. And it sometimes shows in my writing, a lot.