Hi, I’m Minna, welcome to my page!

I’m a Spiritual Business Coach to Network Marketers and Home Based Business Owners.

I teach energy. Something that is not that common in this industry.
I teach leaders to become more empathetic, to apply the energy work in to growing their network marketing business.

There are millions of ways to succeed, including this industry.
You just need to find the way that feels good to you.

I’ve always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur.
No income ceiling, I can do what the fuck I want to do, when I want to, to be able to have vacations when ever…
I tried to fit in in the business game as an empath and a highly sensitive person.
Didn’t work.
So, I had to step back and find a way I can do business my way. 
My dream has always been living the LAZY LIFE. The easy life. The chill life.
But never in a million years have I guessed, I would end up in network marketing business.
Financial independence. 
Financial freedom.

Time freedom.

All the things I wanted!
(And I know, this is the dream of millions of people.)
These are also the ”three promises of network marketing”.
But what will usually end up happening is:
1. People loses their money because of bad advising.
Or not advising at all. Or because bad-bad-bad companies…. 
2. People quit before they even start, aka hit the wall in the beginning (this might also happen later.).
3. Work their asses off, make some money but don’t have the time freedom. So they quit.

And this isn’t just the network marketing industry. This is ALL industries.

But I know there’s a different way.
I know you can have it all.
I wanted all of them.
I got all of them.
And I want to help others to get them.
Not just one. 
BUT ALL of them.
What I’ve learned from my journey, is that…
we often think that action will take us where we want to go.
That it’s only action and the more you DO, the more you will HAVE.
This is complete BULLSHIT.
I never want you to build any business like this.
From this energy.
Because one day, you will hit a limit.
A wall.
And there’s a chance, everything starts to grumble down one way or another. 
But when you build your business (and life) through healing and energy,
you’ll work your walls and limits before you hit them.
You work them from day 1.
This is the most important action you can take.
Building any business, including network marketing business, is a healing process.
It’s energy work.
it’s frequency work.
It’s all about inner work.
Money is inner game.
Success is inner game.
Dream life is inner game.
Building business is inner game.
It’s all about energy.
The better you master it, the faster you’ll go.
More successful you’ll be.
And you will have it all.
Now, don’t get me wrong…
There will be energetic, spiritual AND practical action steps you need to take.
And it’s totally up to you, what steps you want to take.
As I said, there are millions of ways to build success.
The best way is… the one that feels good to you!
I’m here to support you. 
I’m here to teach you all I know.
To help you see / realize / feel things, you are not seeing / realizing / feeling.
 My mission is that all my customers and team members get to grow and experience shifts as a person and as a businesswoman.
Looking for to connecting with you.
P.s Here’s my Instagram link, please come and connect with me.