Hey, hey beautiful soul!

I’m so glad you stopped by! You’re here because….

* You wanna know if Network Marketing would be a good fit for you, to start making a little extra money (or to replace your income)?
* You are interested to find out what company I’m in?
* You want to know if I could be a good leader for you?


usually these ”ready to join my team” pages tells people what kind of person is the LEADER looking for.. like:

  • you need to be coachable
  • you need to be independent
  • only for doers, runners and go-getters
  • etc

But, I’m doing this a bit differently. Like I always do!

My page is asking you, am I the kind of leader, who YOU want to work with? Am I the person you could trust? 

Because that’s the most important question.

Many joins a team / leader without knowing are they a good fit for THEM. Without knowing what are the methods / strategies they’re using, or do they even know HOW to help a person to start and grow their business. Many are being left alone to figure it all out. 
I was one of them.
The ”old-school ways” didn’t feel good to me, so I learned what works and what doesn’t.
I’m gonna share you a secret… IT’S ALL ABOUT ENERGY.
It’s all about finding a way that FEELS GOOD to YOU. 

I know how to build off- and online.
I know how to build fast, steady, easily…. and in a way that doesn’t burn you out.

I am a person who values her free time. My dream lifestyle is the lazy and the go-getter lifestyle combined.
Building a growing income and having the free time.

I only work 2-4 hours a day, 3-4 days a week, and I steadily grow BOTH my businesses.
I am here to show you that you can have it all. The money, the time and fun.

I want to teach you this. Like, what’s the point in having it, and not sharing it.
Helping people to start and grow their home based business,
With time AND financial freedom in mind.

*** There are MILLION (and more) ways to succeed in business, including network marketing.
I will lead you to build your team in a way that it feels comfortable for you.
I refuse to do things that feels like shit. And I refuse to push you do things that feels like shit.

Success can be easy. We only do things that FEELS GOOD. And that’s how success comes FAST.


Here’s what you will get from ME:

* A leader who believes in you and is so ready to help you build YOUR dream life.
* Strategies, both online and offline, without chasing people!! Omg, NO old-school ways, por favor.
* I teach energy and spirituality and I have experience in finding and clearing your fears, doubts and blocks that might be preventing you from making money and living your dream life. 
* A membership site, you and your team can use to grow your business. This system is giving you the time freedom and you can learn all the things, on your time. With my personal support available.
* I will teach you to be independent. But you will never be alone.
* Access to all my courses and trainings for free. (Only on finnish right now, english is on the way.)

*** I am all about changing the energy of this industry, of the ways we’re supposed to succeed, the ways things SHOULD be done. 
You will find your way. 
You will succeed on your terms.

But, it’s YOU who does the work. You will learn. You will grow. And you will succeed.
I’m just a tool for you to use (my mind, energy, knowledge) in this journey.


For more information, fill in your info, and I’ll send it to you. (You will be subscribing to my email list, but don’t worry, if your not totally in to me, you can and you should, unsubscribe.)

Ps. The information on the email is in English AND in Finnish. HUOM! Emailissa oleva lisätieto on sekä enkuksi että suomeksi!