Hihihiiii, and welcome to view my favourite supplemets page.
In this page I have gathered the supplements I use in my everyday life. This product has given me the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. The work-at-home-mom-living-in-a-small-town-lifestyle. And as a work-at-home-mom, I try to be at my best. These products help me to be the sunshine that I am.
In supplements there’s three things that are most important to me.
1. They are PLANT BASED.
2. My kids can use them.
3. They are drinkable. (we don’t like pills.) 

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* Powercocktail in the morning or before lunch (I prefer before lunch, my husband prefers in the morning.) = open the portion bag, and put the powder in a class / mug / cup. Pour still water 2,5 – 3 dl in the cup and stir well. I let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes, so the fibers get a bit thicker. Stir again and enjoy (that means DRINK IT).
* If you have the Basic and Activize separetly = the same as Powercocktail. BUT, you can cut the Activize portion in half and drink the rest of it a bit later in the day (or night if you need the energy then…).
* Restorate in the evening (not in an empty stomach) = Open the bag, pour the powder in a class / mug / cup of choise, pour still water 2,5-3 dl in the cup, stir well. Wait for a minute or two, and slowly drink it. 


Optimal Set with Powercocktail (includes Basic and Activize in the same portion bag) and Restorate.


Optimal Set with separate Basic and Activize.
I need my fibers. If you don’t know what fibers do, google it.


For ENERGY and concentration. Contains B-vitamins in a powder form. I NEED MY ACTIVIZE. 



For rejuvenating and better sleep. contains minerals in powder form.I NEED MY SLEEP.
I need my kids to sleep. We all sleep like babies through the night.



These products are my add-ons. 
* Proshape aminos I take daily,
* Proshape Chocolate Mousse I use once in a while.
* The Herbaslim tea, I take usually in the mornings, cold from the fridge with Activize. 
* D-Drink, I take this 2 times a year. 


Proshape Amino capsuls
Sitting in front of my computer all day long, I NEED MY AMINOS, to help me maintain my muscles (or the little I have.)




 This is so tasty! My kids love this too. It’s so chocolaty, doesn’t taste like flour! 



An herbal tea you can have hot, warm or cold. Just one word, cellulite. If I say more, it’s against the law…


14 days, 1 portion a day. 2 times a year and your body will thank you.


After or before you order, please connect with me. I am more than happy to guide you with the products or business.